The jumping-off place.


What is a watershed moment?

A critical turning point.
What it is actually is a moment in time where everything changes. A point in time when nothing after will ever be the same as before. To call it a turning point technically is true, but it is an overly simplistic definition of the phrase.

The figurative meaning comes from the literal meaning of a point, or division in a river, or stream where the river is split into two distinct paths that will not intersect again. (from


This is the most I have weighed since before I got married eight years ago.

I have a gym membership. I don’t go. If I go, I don’t stick with it.

I have a weight watchers membership. I even go to the meetings pretty regularly. But, I don’t track my food and I have not consistently cut back.

It’s not working.

Some things have definitely changed. I recently discovered that I am in “early” menopause.

Some things haven’t. I still work all the time. I don’t take the time to eat right. I don’t take the time to exercise. I make plenty of excuses.

It’s not working.

I have gone up a jean size. or two. I am uncomfortable. I don’t want my picture taken. My feet and my knees hurt.

This can be my “watershed moment” … my “jumping off place” but only if I do something different.

I don’t want this to be an “f’ it” moment.

I am already dealing with the consequences of too many of those… too many “I’ll start over over on Monday” moments.

I need to start now.

It’s not going to be easy.


I need help. I am asking for suggestions. I am asking for support.

5 thoughts on “The jumping-off place.

  1. Maybe it would be helpful to think of this not so much as a weight problem, but an emotional, human, caregiver-to-many, but not so much to herself problem. I was gifted with a high metabolism, but I could have written this myself, about not taking care of myself the way I should be cared for. It’s a very very difficult thing to do something different when the only person to benefit will be ourselves. Maybe we can take some baby steps together here.

    • You are so very right. Unfortunately the weight seems to be the thing that is motivating me to do something different. Yesterday I also made a decision not to go to work today… on my day off. Baby steps, for sure.

  2. People forget the basics. Food is fuel. Too many of us associate food with comfort. I guess it goes back to our childhoods… holidays, family gatherings, a snack before bedtime. Food is addictive. This is especially true when we consume trigger foods. Sugars, salt, and fats get the ball rolling. My motto is “don’t buy and/or bring it into the house”. New coping skills for stress and depression need to be put into practice. Learn it, live it. The new found skills when repeated will become your norm. A simple walk at a a food craving moment fills the time, creates a distraction, and benefits your health too. Not to mention, you will feel good about yourself for having done so. We often forget that we must take care of ourselves as if we were our own child. Think about that, really think about it. I would sugfest overeaters anonymous. When I became balemic in my 20’s, one meeting changed my life. Good luck to you.

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