Welcome to the Gun Show.


Recently, I have engaged in several discussions regarding gun ownership.

More specifically, should I?

A few years ago, when I was seriously thinking about getting a job as a Probation Officer, I had to consider the possibility. Due to a recent overhaul of the policies governing probation, a P.O. is now required to carry a sidearm.

At the time, my brother posed a very serious question…

If I had a gun, was I prepared to use it?

I ended up switching from Criminal Justice to Human Services/Substance Abuse and the gun-toting issue fell by the wayside.

I never really had to answer my brother’s question.

Recently, the topic re-surfaced.


This time the idea was floated to me by my husband.

And I have been considering the question again.

I know that I would have a lot to learn. I know that I would want to be responsible.

I also know what it feels like to think that someone is capable of killing you.

Could I shoot someone whom I believe wanted to kill me?

Something to think about.


Taking the Day.

I work too dang much.

I’m on call every other weekend and that generally means I end up working at least one of my days off. This only feeds my compulsion to work more and more often.

And unfortunately with all the best intentions to use that time to catch up, I usually end up getting caught up in something else entirely when I go in.

Yesterday, I intended to go in for a few hours, do some catching up, and get out.

Just like Groundhog Day, I got there and it was the same ol’ same ol’…

Detox was crazy and then things jumped off in residential and hours later I realize that I haven’t done anything I came in to do. I’m still behind, I’m really stressed, and I don’t know how I will possibly get it all done.

So I left. But right before that, I did something different. I told my boss that I needed tomorrow  (now today) OFF. I knew. I was down to a nub. I keep hearing all these folks telling me I need to take better care of myself. I know. And for once, I did.


So far, I’ve gotten my car fixed.


I’ve had a tasty breakfast.


And I’m free until 530…

then it’s time for school.



OK. So I put in for a day off on Friday too.

We’ll see how that goes.